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    Panda [HD] (2014)

    Two teenagers are playing by night in a dirty parking lot. After they are driving on an empty road, they start to tease each other on the way to the sea, but they seem to be too young to drive and the road is a bit strange.

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    Paula [HD] (2023)

    Paula is 11. She is bored at school and has only one friend : Achille. Her father gives her a surprise : they will spend next summer in the house of her dreams by a lake. But time flies, autumn is coming, and they still don't come back.

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    Under the Rainbow
    Under the Rainbow [HD] (2023)

    An association takes in young LGBT people made homeless by their families. Behind the apparent comedy, the excesses, the desire to assert themselves, lie shattered lives. They all have this furious desire to exist, to find their place in society. Here, they have six months to find a job, a place to live and accept themselves as they are. It's a race against time, during which Noëlle, who runs the association, and Alex, who helps her in her mission, are also forced to face up to their own failings and question their motivation for helping others.

    6.15 /10
    Cross [HD] (2018)

    Ancien pilote de motocross devenu boiteux à la suite d'un accident, Serge ne peut plus conduire, mais rôde toujours sur les circuits. Incapable de grandir, il ne voit pas que son couple et sa vie tout entière se désagrègent…

    7.0 /10
    À travers Irène
    À travers Irène [HD] (2022)

    1917. Irène Curie est une brillante radiographiste d’à peine 19 ans. Elle brûle de se rendre utile au plus près du front et d’apporter ses compétences scientifiques au service de son pays. Sa rencontre avec un brancardier superstitieux va changer sa perception de l’engagement.

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    Calm at Sea
    Calm at Sea [HD] (2012)

    October 1941. Eighteen months into France’s occupation by German troops, young Communist members of the Resistance shoot dead an officer of the German Army. In retaliation, Hitler demands the deaths of 150 Frenchmen, as 'retribution'. The targets are to be mostly young men believed to share the assassins’ political convictions. Most of these men are taken from an internment camp for opponents of the occupation; a 35-year-old French rural administrator is ordered to select the victims. Although the parish priest appeals to their conscience and moral sensibilities, both the German military and their French helpers slavishly follow their orders.

    5.9 /10
    Reprise en main
    Reprise en main [HD] (2022)

    Comme son père avant lui, Cédric travaille dans une entreprise de mécanique de précision en Haute-Savoie. L'usine doit être de nouveau cédée à un fonds d’investissement. Epuisés d’avoir à dépendre de spéculateurs cyniques, Cédric et ses amis d'enfance tentent l'impossible : racheter l’usine en se faisant passer pour des financiers !

    6.8 /10
    Gagarine [HD] (2020)

    Yuri, 16, has lived all his life in Gagarin Towers, a vast red-brick housing project on the outskirts of Paris. He dreams of becoming an astronaut. When plans to demolish Gagarin Towers leak out, Yuri joins the resistance. With his friends Diana and Houssam, he embarks on a mission to save their home, which has become his “starship.”

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    Ceux qui dansent sur la tête
    Ceux qui dansent sur la tête [HD] (2014)

    Au coeur de l'Aubrac, Matthieu, surnommé Frenzy, a récemment pris les rênes de l'exploitation laitière familiale, avec l'aide de sa mère Catherine et de son grand-père, Alain. Ensemble, ils rêvent de conquérir une médaille au Salon de l'agriculture grâce à Shakira, une «brune des Alpes» acquise au prix fort. Fils du médecin du village et passionné de hip-hop, Syl propose à Frenzy de se présenter à un concours d'un autre type. Il a envoyé une vidéo afin de participer à une audition à Paris pour décrocher un rôle dans le prochain spectacle d'un célèbre chorégraphe. Les deux amis se préparent pour cette occasion, qui pourrait bien changer leur vie..

    5.3 /10
    Le quepa sur la vilni !
    Le quepa sur la vilni ! [HD] (2014)

    Today, Andre comes out of his peaceful retirement : on order from the mayor, he has to lead through mounts a troop of sandwich men on bike to attract the spectators to the inauguration of the local cinema. In spite of his determination, the former postman has a great deal of difficulty in taming his young and passionate team-mates.

    6.0 /10
    Behind the Walls
    Behind the Walls [HD] (2008)

    A young runaway rejects society's condemnation and dares to fulfill his dreams. France, 1930s. 14-year-old orphan Yves Tréguier sees the world through the bars of "educational homes" where he is raised in conditions worthy of a penal colony, and dreams of a dramatic escape across the ocean to New York.

    6.8 /10
    Beasts [HD] (2020)

    Constance and her fiancé hope to one day take over, modernize and expand her father’s farm, on the verge of bankruptcy, to the large-scale farms that share the land and power. She gains the support of the influential and charismatic Sylvain, their fate quickly lying in his hands... When Sylvain's desire for her steps in the negotiations, Constance must face yet another kind of violence.

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    Infested [HD] (2023)

    Residents of a rundown French apartment building battle against an army of deadly, rapidly reproducing spiders.

    7.386 /10
    Corsage [HD] (2022)

    Empress Elizabeth of Austria is idolized for her beauty and renowned for inspiring fashion trends. But in 1877, ‘Sisi’ celebrates her 40th birthday and must fight to maintain her public image by lacing her corset tighter and tighter. While Elizabeth’s role has been reduced against her wishes to purely performative, her hunger for knowledge and zest for life makes her more and more restless in Vienna.

    6.552 /10
    Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)
    Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) [HD] (2015)

    Biarritz. Sixteen-year-old George, the high school hottie, falls in love with Alex. To get his attention, she initiates a group game with Alex, Nikita, Laetitia and Gabriel. They will discover, test, and push the limits of their sexuality.

    4.9 /10
    Final Cut
    Final Cut [HD] (2022)

    Things go badly for a small film crew shooting a low-budget zombie movie when they are attacked by real zombies.

    7.046 /10
    We Need Your Vote
    We Need Your Vote [HD] (2018)

    Arnaud, a 25-year-old man, enters the campaign team of a candidate for the French presidential election as assistant to the Director of communication. While discovering the techniques, intricacies and rivalries of the electoral campaign, he will feel fascination for this world, as well as for its attractive director, Agnès.

    5.2 /10
    Geronimo [HD] (2014)

    South of France. In the sultry August heat, Geronimo, a young social educator, tries to ease tensions between the youngsters of the St Pierre neighborhood. The mood changes when Nil Terzi, a teenage girl of Turkish origin, flees an arranged marriage, running to the arms of her gypsy lover, Lucky Molina. Their escape sparks hostilities between the two clans. When the jousting and the musical battles begin, Geronimo struggles to quell the ensuing unrest around her.

    6.5 /10
    Promise at Dawn
    Promise at Dawn [HD] (2017)

    From his childhood in Poland to his adolescence in Nice to his years as a student in Paris and his tough training as a pilot during World War II, this tragi-comedy tells the romantic story of Romain Gary, one of the most famous French novelists and sole writer to have won the Goncourt Prize for French literature two times.

    7.5 /10