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    Boar's Head, Rare
    Boar's Head, Rare [HD] (2016)

    Province policeman Franz Eberhofer is in a real trouble. Susi, love of his life has fled to Italy because Franz has crossed the line. And while Grandma and Papa are planning a trip to Italy to liberate Susi from the clutches of her Italian lover, Franz has other problems. His boss has found a bloody pig head in his bed and Franz gets promoted to full time bodyguard.

    7.1 /10
    Sauerkraut Coma
    Sauerkraut Coma [HD] (2018)

    As a result of his excellent record in Niederkaltenkirchen, Franz Eberhofer is promoted to Munich, the Bavarian capital of crime. It’s just as well his creature comforts are well catered for in the form of his grandmother’s care-packages. But he has hardly had time to settle into his new post before he finds himself coming face to face with inner-city criminals. His father’s car is stolen on his very first visit and although it turns up again before long, that’s only the start of the trouble. The corpse of a young Serbian woman is found in the boot, and once again Franz finds himself with his work cut out.

    7.6 /10
    The Semolina Dumpling Affair
    The Semolina Dumpling Affair [HD] (2017)

    In the morning after a wild marriage between two police officers Franz Eberhofer finds himself woken from heavy-armed special forces, who arrest him because of suspected murder. His boss, inspector Barschl, was found dead, killed by Franz' knife in his back - furthermore he and Franz were known in the whole village as archrivals. Franz is lucky that his father can testify an alibi for him, so that he is released again. Together with his friend and colleague Rudi Birkenberger they try to prove his innocence and to find the true murderer. However, there are more Problems to be solved: like Paul, his grandma's young love, or his girlfriend Susi, who pushes for marriage.

    7.8 /10
    Die Frau aus dem Moor
    Die Frau aus dem Moor [HD] (2014)

    Matthias and Nelly live in a village in the Bavarian Alpine foothills. The couple could not be more different. When Matthias discovers a bog body in the lake, everything changes.

    8.0 /10
    Dampfnudelblues [HD] (2013)

    Franz, the local police officer in a tiny Bavarian village has to investigate in a case involving a disliked school principal that appears to have committed suicide...

    7.1 /10
    Sweethearts [HD] (2019)

    It's double trouble when fate and an ill-executed diamond robbery throw Mel and Lise together in a race and chase against time.

    6.1 /10
    The Conference
    The Conference [HD] (2022)

    On January 20, 1942, the Wannsee Conference takes place in Berlin, a meeting that had only one item on the agenda: The Final Solution, the organization of the systematic mass murder of eleven million European Jews.

    6.5 /10
    Die Tote aus der Schlucht
    Die Tote aus der Schlucht [HD] (2014)

    Commissioner Susanne Landauer is called to work in the countryside: a schizophrenic woman, anonymously sent in years ago, has been removed from the clinic of Dr. med. Swiss chard disappeared.

    6.0 /10
    The Meatloaf Addict
    The Meatloaf Addict [HD] (2019)

    Franz Eberhofer’s cholesterol levels are as high as his spirits are low. It’s goodbye to Bavarian meatloaf sandwiches and grandmother’s scrumptious meatballs, and hello to endless servings of rabbit food. To make matters worse, just as Franz has really begun to engage with his son in a big way, Susi is giving him a hard time about the kid; his access has been dramatically curtailed and she’s sticking stubbornly to the new routine with no pardon in sight…

    7.0 /10
    Schwarzach 23 - Und die Hand des Todes
    Schwarzach 23 - Und die Hand des Todes [HD] (2015)

    As a junk dealer Anton is found dead, a case develops in which each of the Germingers is involved: the law-abiding Commissioner Franz Junior, his rebellious sister Anna, ex-policeman Franz Germinger senior and his wife Erika. Who could have wanted Anton? Commissioner Franz Germinger Junior first taps in the dark. His sister Anna is sometimes ahead of him in some situations, which may be because she likes to exceed her competencies. Even more annoying the junior but his father Franz Germinger senior, who can not refrain from finding.

    0 /10
    Just Something Nice
    Just Something Nice [HD] (2022)

    Radio presenter Karla's biological clock is ticking, and it's now very loud and clear. But no matter what she does, she simply cannot find a suitable man with whom she could imagine a family.

    7.14 /10
    The Most Beautiful Day
    The Most Beautiful Day [HD] (2016)

    The overambitious pianist Andi and the more laid back Benno have one thing in common: They will both die soon. So the two of them decide to have the most awesome day before its too late.

    7.1 /10
    Matula: Der Schatten des Berges
    Matula: Der Schatten des Berges [HD] (2018)

    Private detective Josef Matula is with his usual companion, the dog Dr. med. Renz, on the way to Italy, when his rickety minibus engine fails. During his subsequent unplanned stay in a small mountain village he discovers the body of a mountaineer while hiking. He begins to investigate the death and by the look of it, it could be either accident, suicide or even a murder. However, the conspiratorial community is not very enthusiastic about his investigations and when he comes close to solving the case, his own life is in danger too.

    0 /10