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    The Wedding Party
    The Wedding Party [HD] (2005)

    In rural Westphalia, Franz Berger struggles to keep his inn open. On this day, a bluff, overbearing bully, Hermann Walzer, has booked the dining room for a wedding banquet for his son Mark. There's bad blood between Berger and Walzer, so when the first course, shrimp cocktail, is off, Hermann storms out with the wedding party vowing not to pay. Franz locks the loo door, taking prisoners of the bride and Hermann's wife while he also locks the estate's outer gates, leaving Hermann and the rest outside. Walzer, a pheasant hunter, lays siege; shotguns, rifles, grenades, a shovel, and other weapons leave no one safe. Will it take death to bring these men to their senses?

    5.8 /10
    No Regrets
    No Regrets [HD] (2001)

    This teenage drama deals with the emotional chaos of a high school graduate at the beginning of a new period of his life. 19-year-old Daniel is frustrated: he wants his great love Luca to be the "first" woman in his life, but she seems to be unreachable, so he is still a virgin. During his community service as a male nurse, his boss Anna falls in love with him and they finally have sex. Suddenly Luca is interested in Daniel...

    6.7 /10
    Toilet Stories
    Toilet Stories [HD] (2015)

    Five toilets - five stories! This pitch black comedy relentlessly illuminates the darkest corners of society, thereby revealing a colorful potpourri of human perfidy. The five intertwined episodes are staged in the manner of an intimate play, occasionally testing the audiences moral judgment.

    6.4 /10
    Das Mädchen aus dem Totenmoor
    Das Mädchen aus dem Totenmoor [HD] (2016)

    The peat farmer Hannes Gerhards wants his girlfriend Helen Dahms from the city to pull him to the countryside. As in peat cutting work the skull of a bog body is found. Police commissioner Lorenz Keller, who is about to retire, has already completed his career. But with the bone find Keller finally sees his chance to bring an old case to an end.

    7.0 /10
    Distance [HD] (2009)

    Living in seclusion from the rest of the world, Daniel Bauer goes about his job as a gardener in the botanical gardens. A rather inconspicuous young man who, however, regularly breaks out of his motionless daily routine and commits indiscriminate acts of violence. When he gets to know Jana, a forlorn young woman, a tentative relationship develops between the two foreign bodies. She sees everything in the shy Daniel that she always wanted from a man. Yet she doesn't have any inkling of his dark side. After a first successful date between Daniel and Jana, the situation escalates. On the morning after the date, he shoots a jogger. A reaction to the beginning love?

    5.0 /10