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    Deception [HD] (2018)

    Cameron Black est le plus grand illusionniste du monde. Au moins, c'est ainsi que les gens le considéraient avant que son plus grand secret ne soit révélé et que sa carrière ne soit détruite. Pire encore, Cameron a de bonnes raisons de croire que ce n'était pas un accident.

    7.2 /10
    Slippery Slope
    Slippery Slope [HD] (2006)

    A cash strapped feminist filmmaker secretly takes a job directing a porn film in order to get her thesis film, "Feminism For Dummies" out of the lab. Soon, her own slumbering sexuality is awakened in surprising ways. This arouses the suspicion of her politically correct husband, Hugh, and leads to a madcap finale of mistaken identity that threatens to upend Gillian's best laid plans.

    3.5 /10
    Side Effects
    Side Effects [HD] (2013)

    A woman turns to prescription medication as a way of handling her anxiety concerning her husband's upcoming release from prison.

    6.5 /10
    Island Zero
    Island Zero [HD] (2018)

    A fishing community on a remote Maine island finds itself suddenly cut off from the rest of the world after the ferry stops coming. When people start to vanish, the terrified survivors realize that someone - or something - is hunting them.

    4.6 /10
    Oxygen [HD] (1999)

    When housewife Frances Hannon is abducted and buried alive, detective Madeline Foster is brought in. With only 24 hours before Frances' oxygen runs out, Madeline pursues the trail laid by a killer calling himself Harry Houdini. After capturing him, Madeline brings Harry back to the police station, but is unable to get him to confess where Frances is buried. As time runs down, Harry gets inside the head of unstable, alcoholic Madeline.

    5.8 /10
    Showing Up
    Showing Up [HD] (2014)

    An unprecedented look at the audition, compiled from more than 50 interviews with notable artists including Kristin Chenoweth, Richard Griffiths, Zoe Kazan, Nathan Lane, Chris Messina, Sam Rockwell and Eli Wallach.

    9.2 /10
    An Innocent Man
    An Innocent Man [HD] (1989)

    Jimmie Rainwood was minding his own business when two corrupt police officers (getting an address wrong) burst into his house, expecting to find a major drug dealer. Rainwood is shot, and the officers frame him as a drug dealer. Rainwood is convicted of drug dealing, based on the perjured evidence of a police informant. Thrown into a seedy jail, fighting to prove his innocence is diffucult when he has to deal with the realities of prison life, where everyone claims they were framed.

    6.2 /10
    August [HD] (2008)

    Two brothers, ambitious dot-com entrepreneurs, attempt to keep their company afloat as the stock market begins to collapse in August 2001, one month prior to the 9/11 attacks.

    5.4 /10
    True Crime
    True Crime [HD] (1999)

    Boozer, skirt chaser, careless father. You could create your own list of reporter Steve Everett's faults but there's no time. A San Quentin Death Row prisoner is slated to die at midnight – a man Everett has suddenly realized is innocent.

    6.5 /10
    A Walk on the Moon
    A Walk on the Moon [HD] (1987)

    A Peace Corps volunteer, bubbling o'er with idealism, learns to his delight that he has been assigned to a remote, backward Colombian village. When he arrives, he is confused by the cynical attitude of his predecessor

    6.0 /10
    Valeria [HD] (2016)

    Discharged from the hospital after a partial face transplant, Eva is consumed by curiosity about her donor, with whom she feels increasingly connected.

    0 /10
    Drop Back Ten
    Drop Back Ten [HD] (2000)

    After an expose on NFL players causes a series of lawsuits, a reporter gets fired. A loyal editor nonetheless gives him a freelance story to work on. It seems that an athletic 19-year-old actor had been preparing to star in a low-budget gridiron movie when a mysterious assailant attacked him and destroyed his appearance. He was, of course, dismissed from the film. The reporter is to find out the true story of what happened. His investigation finds a history of beating his wife and a complete disinterest from the movie crew's producer.

    10.0 /10
    Blumenthal [HD] (2013)

    A comedy that follows the relatives of Harold Blumethal, a legendary playwright who made his career parodying his family in his work and died laughing at his own joke.

    0 /10
    The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
    The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond [HD] (2008)

    Tells the story of Fisher Willow, the disliked 1920s Memphis débutante daughter of a plantation owner with a distaste for narrow-minded people and a penchant for shocking and insulting those around her. After returning from studies overseas, Fisher falls in love with Jimmy, the down-and-out son of an alcoholic father and an insane mother who works at a store on her family's plantation.

    5.2 /10
    Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael
    Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael [HD] (1990)

    Movie star Roxy Carmichael is abandoning the bright lights of Hollywood, Calif. and returning to her small Ohio hometown -- at least long enough to dedicate a city building. And now the whole town of Clyde is bracing for Carmichael's return, most of all her now-married old flame Denton Webb and troubled teen Dinky Bossetti. An orphan with few friends, Dinky is convinced that Carmichael is her birth mother, and that the actress will reclaim her when she returns.

    6.4 /10
    Female Perversions
    Female Perversions [HD] (1996)

    An ambitious female attorney wallows in excess and meaningless sex with both male and female partners, while dealing with her personal life problems including helping her kleptomaniac sister.

    5.7 /10
    The Blood Oranges
    The Blood Oranges [HD] (1998)

    Cyril and Fiona are a long-married couple who travel to an unnamed tropical coastal town to follow their sexual fantasies. There they meet another couple, Catherine, Hugh and their three children. Hugh is a photographer who specializes in nude photographs of peasant women. The Cyril/Catherine and Hugh/Fiona relationships start.

    6.0 /10
    A Call to Spy
    A Call to Spy [HD] (2020)

    The story of Vera Atkins, a crafty spy recruiter, and two of the first women she selects for Churchill's "secret army": Virginia Hall, a daring American undaunted by a disability and Noor Inayat Khan, a pacifist. These civilian women form an unlikely sisterhood while entangled in dangerous missions to turn the tide of the war.

    6.7 /10
    Eye in the Sky
    Eye in the Sky [HD] (2015)

    A UK-based military officer in command of a top secret drone operation to capture terrorists in Kenya discovers the targets are planning a suicide bombing and the mission escalates from “capture” to “kill.” As American pilot Steve Watts is about to engage, a nine-year old girl enters the kill zone, triggering an international dispute reaching the highest levels of US and British government over the moral, political, and personal implications of modern warfare.

    7.1 /10
    Jailbait [HD] (2004)

    Randy commits a crime that would normally get him probation and a hefty fine, but in the "three-strikes" world of justice, he finds himself locked up for 25 years. His cellmate Jake is a congenial yet remorseless lifer who casually informs Randy that he slit his wife's throat because she slept with another man just three months after they exchanged vows. Jake recognizes Randy's fear and offers him advice on how to make it in prison. But it soon becomes clear that Jake has much more than mentoring in mind as he takes Randy under his wing. "Jailbait" sets a darkly cerebral tone, juxtaposing brutality with the unattainable ideal of intimacy in the harshest of psychological environments. For these two men so yearning to be anything but who they are and where they are, power is the goal, and it's never clear who truly holds it right up to the last unsettling moment

    4.5 /10
    Impossible Monsters
    Impossible Monsters [HD] (2020)

    A psychology professor begins a case study with three subjects who are suffering from sleep paralysis. As the study goes on, what is real and what is dream become mingled with violent consequences.

    4.5 /10
    Onion News Empire
    Onion News Empire [HD] (2013)

    The journalists at the Onion News Network will do anything to stay at the top of their game. And if they can't find a great story, they'll create one.

    8.0 /10
    Grey Lady
    Grey Lady [HD] (2017)

    A Boston police officer goes to Nantucket to investigate the murder of his partner, but he finds more than he bargained for.

    4.5 /10
    My Love Affair with Marriage
    My Love Affair with Marriage [HD] (2020)

    This animated feature film incorporates music, theater and sculpture techniques while following one woman's journey through her marriages, both imagined and real. Her experiences transform her from a fiery young girl craving love to a domestic abuse victim and eventually lead to her discovery of gender fluidity, self-acceptance, and finding a better place in society. The singing Mythology Sirens and her own Biology are characters that influence her, showing how our relationship roles are shaped by both the stereotypes of our cultures and the neuroscience of our own bodies.

    7.7 /10