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    The Days Between
    The Days Between [HD] (2001)

    Lynn (22) lives with her brother in Berlin. There she enjoys the advantages of family life, without really feeling involved in it. She does not have any precise aim in life, but manages to awaken the interest of many people with her direct and spontaneous character. Her boyfriend David is very different: he is entirely engrossed in his very disciplined swimming training for the world championships. David does not intend to allow himself to be distracted by the complicating factors of a relationship with Lynn. When Lynn, working behind the till of restaurant, meets the Japanese student Koji, everything gets more complicated. They can't exchange many words, but it is soon clear that their moments together mean a lot to both of them.

    6.6 /10
    Ma nounou est millionnaire
    Ma nounou est millionnaire [HD] (2006)

    Max Helmer, son of Paul Helmer, a great businessman, must now work for a while as domestic help to know better what is work and the value of money.He will help Elena and her children.

    0 /10
    The Pasta Detectives 3
    The Pasta Detectives 3 [HD] (2016)

    The friends and amateur detectives Rico and Oskar experiencing their last adventure together. Here everything is really only one well, because now they live next door to. Ricos mother Tanya and Buhl are together, Oskar is with his father Lars pulled to Rico into the house. But dies as the grumpy Fitzke, the trouble begins. The stone Breeder inherited Rico his beloved stone-collection over which the boy also very pleased - but then he and his buddy note that Rico's favorite stone calf stone was stolen. The task now is to make the thieves apprehended. And because there are on the way to the Baltic Sea, Rico and Oskar must as soon as possible afterwards. Glad Tanja is flown by Buhl in the "snogging holiday" ...

    6.1 /10
    A Minute’s Silence
    A Minute’s Silence [HD] (2016)

    The end of a summer, a sleepy fishing port on the Baltic Sea and the beginning of a great feeling that must not be: Shortly before the start of the new school year, the 18-year-old Christian falls in love with his new English teacher Stella Petersen. In a moment of unexpected lightness and freedom, in the dunes and seascape far away from the small town, Stella and Christian discover a shared longing and an attraction to each other, the intensity of which both overwhelmed. But soon after class has begun again, the secret relationship between the young teacher and her pupil threatens the scandal ...

    6.3 /10
    The Crows
    The Crows [HD] (2006)

    After a truck accident, Lab crows escape, and provoke a panic in the neighborhood. Alexandra, a young pregnant lady will go to every length to escape the mayhem and raise her neighbors' awareness about the danger.

    3.0 /10
    Seitenwechsel [HD] (2016)

    The relationship of Alex and Teresa has hit hard times. After 15 years of marriage, the passionate football coach and the sensitive psychoanalyst do not respect each other's needs anymore, and thus they are arguing constantly. Even a divorce seems possible, but then something unbelievable happens: After another ugly fight during a big thunderstorm, they switch bodies. Trapped, they have to play each other's roles, and chaos is bound to follow.

    5.6 /10
    Freiland [HD] (2014)

    A few people decide to found their own little state n the middle of Germany, near Berlin...

    4.0 /10
    The Red Cockatoo
    The Red Cockatoo [HD] (2006)

    A coming-of-age story set in Germany in the 1960s. Siggi becomes involved in a love triangle when he falls for Luise, but the tightening political climate forces him to make a fateful decision.

    5.5 /10
    Max Minsky and Me
    Max Minsky and Me [HD] (2007)

    Nerdy Jewish Nelly Sue Edelmeister, daughter of a New York mother and Berlin musician in Berlin gets straight A's, except for gym. When she hears her dream prince, actual royal Edouard, a fellow astronomy buff who studies in Luxemburg, patronizes the basketball tournament hosted there by a European school she wants to join her school's girls team.

    7.1 /10
    The Photographer of Mauthausen
    The Photographer of Mauthausen [HD] (2018)

    Spanish photographer Francesc Boix, imprisoned in the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp, works in the SS Photographic Service. Between 1943 and 1945, he hides, with the help of other prisoners, thousands of negatives, with the purpose of showing the freed world the atrocities committed by the Nazis, exhaustively documented. He will be a key witness during the Nuremberg Trials.

    6.9 /10
    Ostfriesenblut [HD] (2018)

    Superintendent Ann Kathrin Klaasen finds a dead woman in front of her house with her eyes taped open. When another corpse with its mouth stuffed with rotten food is found, she suspects a connection.

    6.0 /10
    Becks letzter Sommer
    Becks letzter Sommer [HD] (2015)

    Robert Beck failed as a musician and works frustrated as a teacher - until he learns about his gifted student Rauli. A musical genius: He sings and plays guitar like a young god. Beck is motivated to help Rauli to become a successful and published musician to fulfill his own long-held dreams of a music career.

    5.4 /10