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    Paula [HD] (2023)

    Paula is 11. She is bored at school and has only one friend : Achille. Her father gives her a surprise : they will spend next summer in the house of her dreams by a lake. But time flies, autumn is coming, and they still don't come back.

    0 /10
    Kiss Me!
    Kiss Me! [HD] (2017)

    Claude falls in love with Cécile. She is convinced that she is the woman of her life unlike her mother who knows the tumultuous sentimental life of her daughter.

    5.9 /10
    Yo Mama
    Yo Mama [HD] (2023)

    Three housewives decide to get into rap music with an explosive videoclip, in order to reconnect with their 11 years old sons. Against all odds, they find success and they are overwhelmed by theit sudden fame in this strange world...

    6.778 /10
    D'autres chats à fouetter
    D'autres chats à fouetter [HD] (2023)

    During a high school carnival, Paula, a respected English teacher in the city, finds herself playing the role of a well-known superheroine, Catwoman. She then puts on a costume that allows her to exercise her own superpower: domination.

    5.0 /10