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    Saving God
    Saving God [HD] (2008)

    Ex Con Armstrong Cane (Ving Rhames) returns to home a changed man looking to take over his father's old church and congregation. The neighborhood though is full of drugs and gangs. Those who are able are leaving for more prosperous areas and falling in with a slick preacher (Ricardo Chivara). Even with a dangerous gang leader (Dean McDermott) threatening his flock, Armstrong won't give up.

    6.0 /10
    Julia X
    Julia X [HD] (2011)

    Meeting a man on the Internet, Julia decides to see him in person, only to get abducted and branded with the letter "x" by that guy. A game of cat and mouse follows, but the story has an unexpected twist.

    4.9 /10
    When You Remember Me
    When You Remember Me [HD] (1990)

    Fact-based story of Mike Mills, a teen with muscular dystrophy, who is placed in a state nursing home by his destitute single mother. There he must contend with being the only young person in the clinic and with an abusive head nurse.

    6.0 /10
    Mission: Impossible III
    Mission: Impossible III [HD] (2006)

    Retired from active duty to train new IMF agents, Ethan Hunt is called back into action to confront sadistic arms dealer, Owen Davian. Hunt must try to protect his girlfriend while working with his new team to complete the mission.

    6.7 /10
    Dangerous Ground
    Dangerous Ground [HD] (1997)

    Vusi Madlazi returns to the South African village he left as a young boy to bury his father. He meets up with his brother Ernest, who tells him their other brother Stephen couldn't be contacted. Vusi goes to Johannesburg to find him, but at first can only find his neighbor/girlfriend, Karin, a stripper. Vusi proceeds to learn how conditions have changed since the end of apartheid, not always for the better for black men.

    4.3 /10
    7 Below
    7 Below [HD] (2012)

    The story centers on a group of strangers trapped in a time warp house where a terrible event transpired exactly 100 years prior.

    3.3 /10
    Body Count
    Body Count [HD] (1998)

    A group of thieves attempt to rob an art gallery, but when plans backfire and one of the men winds up dead, the group head down south, running afoul of the law. Along the way, they meet up with a seductive con artist with ideas of her own.

    5.4 /10
    Animal 2
    Animal 2 [HD] (2007)

    Now serving a life sentence for murder, James "Animal" Allen returns to fighting for cash in order to help his troubled son on the outside. However, with his newfound fame as a fighter, Animal uncovers a jailhouse conspiracy that threatens to cause racial tensions to explode.

    5.9 /10
    The Locksmith
    The Locksmith [HD] (2023)

    A thief fresh out of prison, tries to work his way back into the life of his daughter and ex-fiancΓ©. Determined, he is forced to use the skills he has as a gifted locksmith. Things take a tumultuous turn after an unexpected disappearance.

    5.814 /10
    Entrapment [HD] (1999)

    Two thieves, who travel in elegant circles, try to outsmart each other and, in the process, end up falling in love.

    6.1 /10
    The Saint of Fort Washington
    The Saint of Fort Washington [HD] (1993)

    Matthew, a young schizophrenic, finds himself out on the street when a slumlord tears down his apartment building. Soon, he finds himself in even more dire straits, when he is threatened by Little Leroy, a thug who is one of the tough denizens of the Fort Washington Shelter for Men. He reaches out to Jerry, a streetwise combat veteran, who takes Matthew under his wing as a son. The relationship between these two men grows as they attempt to conquer the numbing isolation of homelessness.

    6.2 /10
    Zombie Apocalypse
    Zombie Apocalypse [HD] (2011)

    Months after a zombie plague has wiped out 90 percent of the American population, a small group of survivors fight their way cross-country to a rumored refuge on the island of Catalina.

    5.3 /10
    Leroy & Stitch
    Leroy & Stitch [HD] (2006)

    Lilo, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley have finally caught all of Jumba's genetic experiments and found the one true place where each of them belongs. Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley are offered positions in the Galactic Alliance, turning them down so they can stay on Earth with Lilo. But Lilo realizes her alien friends have places where they belong, and it's finally time to say "aloha."

    6.5 /10
    Casualties of War
    Casualties of War [HD] (1989)

    During the Vietnam War, a soldier finds himself the outsider of his own squad when they unnecessarily kidnap a female villager. Based on the actual events of an incident on Hill 192 in November, 1966.

    7.1 /10
    Love Chronicles: Secrets Revealed
    Love Chronicles: Secrets Revealed [HD] (2010)

    Love Chronicles, a romantic β€œdramedy”, is set at Los Angeles radio station KLUV, where callers air their dirty laundry over the airwaves for all to hear. Over the course of one crazy day, show host and "relationship expert" Darren (Rockmond Dunbar) and Janet (Vivica Fox) have had another one of their epic fights that threatens to end their marriage and make a joke of Darren's career. At the radio station, street author Thomas Black (Mike Epps) advises cougar Monique (Elise Neal) how to stay married while DJ Mike V (Ving Rhames) helps out the good girl who falls for bad boy from the other side of the tracks.

    2.5 /10
    Aquaman [HD] (2006)

    A young twenty-something diver living in the Florida Keys discovers he has the power to breathe underwater.

    5.9 /10
    Go Tell It On The Mountain
    Go Tell It On The Mountain [HD] (1984)

    This film adaptation of James Baldwin's celebrated novel tells the journey of a family from the rural South to "big city" Harlem seeking both salvation and understanding and of a young boy struggling to earn the approval of a self-righteous and often unloving stepfather.

    5.0 /10
    A Broken Life
    A Broken Life [HD] (2007)

    Max Walker is a suicidal man who selects an aspiring young filmmaker to record the end of his life. On the agenda for his last day on Earth: telling off his old boss, confessing some of his deepest secrets, and maybe even finding redemption.

    3.5 /10
    Give 'em Hell, Malone
    Give 'em Hell, Malone [HD] (2009)

    A tough as nails private investigator (Malone) squares off with gangsters and their thugs to protect a valuable secret. Malone goes through hell to protect the information but he dishes some hell as well...

    5.8 /10
    Undisputed [HD] (2002)

    Monroe Hutchens is the heavyweight champion of Sweetwater, a maximum security prison. He was convicted to a life sentence due to a passionate crime. Iceman Chambers is the heavyweight champion, who lost his title due to a rape conviction to ten years in Sweetwater. WHen these two giants collide in the same prison, they fight against each other disputing who is the real champion.

    6.5 /10
    Patty Hearst
    Patty Hearst [HD] (1988)

    The true story of a rich girl who was abducted by American revolutionaries in the 1970's. Her time spent with her captors made her question herself and her way of life and she joined forces with the cause that her abductors were fighting for. This created a US scandal and Patty Hearst has become a pop culture fixture.

    5.9 /10
    Echelon Conspiracy
    Echelon Conspiracy [HD] (2009)

    Mysterious cell phone messages promise a young American engineer untold wealth - then make him the target of a deadly international plot. Dangerous security operatives chase the engineer across the globe, while a powerful government official pursues a mysterious agenda that threatens the stability of the entire world.

    5.5 /10
    Native Son
    Native Son [HD] (1986)

    In 1940s Chicago, a young black man takes a job as a chauffeur to a white family, which takes a turn for the worse when he accidentally kills the teenage daughter of the couple and then tries to cover it up.

    5.4 /10
    Flight of the Intruder
    Flight of the Intruder [HD] (1991)

    U.S. Navy pilot Lt. Jake Grafton and his bombardier buddy, Lt. Cmdr. Virgil Cole, are two soldiers embedded in the Vietnam War growing frustrated by the military's constraints on their missions. Despite the best efforts of their commanding officer, Cmdr. Frank Camparelli, to re-engage them, this disillusioned pair decide to take the war effort into their own hands with an explosive battle plan that could well get them court-martialed.

    5.7 /10